With the continued easing of some border restrictions, it is slowly becoming easier to travel to Australia. Not only have travel bubbles opened with New Zealand, but there is a suggestion that additional bubbles may become available as other countries control their COVID-19 outbreaks. ​​Many leaders are now starting to look at the year ahead, and planning for the possible movement of staff between countries again.

What does travel for Australian businesses look like in 2021?

Watch Helen Duncan, Immigration Director Newland Chase and Lee Smith, Commercial Director Newland Chase & CIBTvisas as they discuss what lies ahead both in terms of permanent and temporary movement to Australia, and also temporary movement of Australians to other parts of the world.

They will examine the recently-announced migration program and some of the requirements that have been put in place to meet the aims of the Australian budget: the recovery of the economy, the protection of Australian jobs for Australians and the health response to COVID-19.