After more than three years of uncertainty and speculation, we now finally know with certainty – the United Kingdom officially exited the European Union on January 31 at 11pm. However, that is by no means the end of the speculation. The UK has now entered an eleven-month “transition period” during which time much of its current status with the EU will remain in place. During this time, both sides will begin the arduous process of negotiating the details of the long-term relationship between the UK and the EU going forward after December 31, 2020.

“Freedom of Movement” – the EU legal principal of citizens able to live, work, and travel freely between the UK and all EU member states – is set to end December 31, 2020. Nationals of the UK and the EU – and the companies that employ them – must prepare for this coming post-Brexit Europe without UK-EU freedom of movement.

Join our UK and EU immigration experts for this deep dive into the current status and guidance on visas and immigration for companies and employees during the transition period and beyond. In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll get:

  • Updates on the state of UK and EU visas and immigration policies during 2020
  • Current information and insight on where UK and EU visas and immigration policies likely are headed after December 31, 2020
  • Concrete steps that companies and their UK and EU citizen employees should be taking now to protect their rights to live, work and travel
  • Guidance for companies on plotting HR and mobility strategy to ensure access to needed talent and markets in a post-Brexit Europe


Meet Our Speakers

Newland Chase’s Managing Director for the UK, Darren Faife has supported UK and multinational corporations in their foreign workforce needs for more than 20 years. A frequent expert speaker at international industry and professional events, he is a highly sought-after strategic advisor on corporate immigration and workforce planning for the UK’s most successful companies – from the largest multinationals to entrepreneurial start-ups in virtually every industry sector.

As Counsel for Global Immigration, Raquel Gómez Salas specializes in European Union immigration, consulting with corporations on employee immigration and mobility and ensuring compliance with changing EU immigration laws. An immigration lawyer, Raquel has 15 years’ experience in corporate immigration in countries throughout Europe. She holds her law degree at the University of Extremadura in Spain in 1997 and postgraduate degrees in the EU legal system and doctorate programs in EU community law and international private law and various courses in employment law, labor relations, and expatriate program management.

As Associate Director, Client Services, Dhanjaye Damhar acts as a strategic adviser to our clients – managing a portfolio of key client relationships and advising them on global immigration policies and compliance for employees at multiple overseas locations. Dhanjaye leads new client implementation plans and strategies, ensuring that client objectives are achieved. He has 15 years’ corporate immigration experience, having worked as both a Senior Advisor and Manager for Newland Chase and other large global immigration companies. A graduate of Queen Mary, University of London with a Bachelors of European Law and the University Pantheon Assas with a Superior Certificate of French Law and International Business Management Diploma, Dhanjaye maintains his qualification with the OISC in the UK to advise on complex immigration matters.