COVID-19 has forced most of us to change the way we work. Across sectors, companies have quickly adapted to working from home and have learned that their employees can be just as productive working virtually.

This webinar in our monthly COVID-19 webinar series features Newland Chase leaders Sophy King and Jason Rogers examining the emergence of remote work in mobility and travel programs. As work from home opportunities extend through the fall and beyond, ensure your organization understands the key travel and immigration impacts of these arrangements.

This webinar will also provide regional COVID-19 updates and cover the most up-to-date news and announced policy changes including a special feature on re-entering China by Deputy General Manager, Edward Hu, in Shanghai.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Immigration compliance risks for employers and employees working virtually
  • Conducting remote work assessments
  • Successful remote work program inclusions: case management system to track employees’ locations, understanding that one-size does not fit all – assess employee’s nationality and family background, and flexible approach
  • Real-world COVID-19 case studies