Watch our webinar focused on navigating the new employer obligations in the latest Posted Worker Directive that comes into effect 30 July 2020. The new rules will see further revisions to posted worker employment conditions (“equal pay for equal work”) and reductions in the assignment duration during which only limited host country conditions need to be applied.

The new Directive brings more implications to consider that ever before in your global travel, mobility, and HR programs.

Experts Sophy King, Mehibe Hill, and Carlijn Langeveld from Newland Chase and Holger Faust from Greenberg Traurig Germany will help clear up the often confusing requirements of utilizing posted workers, as well address how the latest Directive affects both immigration and employment law.

You will learn about:

  • Employment law impacts
  • The scope of postings from outside the EU
  • The consequences of Brexit
  • Key common obligations for employers
  • How to practically implement posted worker compliance in your business