From 1 January 2021, organisations must be a UK Home Office licensed sponsor to recruit anyone from outside the UK (including EU citizens).

Our UK immigration experts will provide 30 minutes of complimentary advice to the first 50 queries received, this will go a long way to help you prepare for business after Brexit. There is no obligation, no costs, just a confidential discussion with one of our highly-experienced immigration experts.

During the consultation, we will provide a high-level assessment, making suggestions on the best course of action to take now before the transition period ends and strategies to adopt to minimize impact to your business travelers and workers moving between the EU and the UK.

Please register your interest and send your questions in and we will be in touch to schedule a meeting. 

Sponsor Licence Required

With an increasingly mobile workforce, a Sponsor Licence is a key tool to attracting and retaining top global talent, and Newland Chase anticipates that the UK authorities will see a surge of licence activity in the upcoming months.

We are on hand to assist businesses in getting a head start on preparing for these changes.  

  • If your organization is not a licensed sponsor and will need to sponsor eligible skilled workers from 1 January 2021, you should begin the application process now.
  • All employers – regardless of current Sponsor Licence status – are advised to undertake a general ‘health check’ in the run up to the new system to ensure that the licence is primed and ready for next year.

Submit the form on this page to request a tailored Brexit consultation including a Sponsor Licence evaluation for your company with one of our immigration experts.

The requirements are also changing for UK Nationals working in the EU. To learn more visit our Brexit resource hub here.